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Landlord-Tenant & Real Estate

Real Estate

We are here to help you structure your real estate transactions successfully.

DREAM AND COMPLETE: Attorney Miller can explain in detail how a new business owner can go from being a tenant, to building and owning their own commercial building, and then successfully diversifying into other real estate holdings (He started his law practice in farm house where the current office is located).

COLLABORATE: Attorney Miller can advise on being a member in a Company with non-family members; bringing a successful commercial real estate project from dream (dirt stage) to reality with other parties who have a shared vision (drive by Town Park Center on Massillon Rd. in Green – Attorney Miller was one of 4 members who brought the project to life).

SUCCEED WITH A PLAN AND COUNSEL: Attorney Miller can advise on owning residential real estate or commercial real estate from a “been there, done that” perspective. He can help you think through the aspects of your project from dream, to getting it financed, to seeing a backhoe on site, and then actually occupying the new location for your business, or successfully leasing the project for profit.

Landlord-Tenant Law:

To the uninitiated – owning real estate can create land mines of legal issues – let us give you peace of mind and counsel.

One of the most rewarding investments can be owning real estate and being a Landlord. The consistent monthly revenue makes a great supplementation to any income. However, issues arise under Ohio’s Landlord-Tenant Act that can make the process a nightmare. Problems or questions can emerge at many different times. Attorneys at the Paul Miller Law Firm, LLC, will help draft, protect, and enforce your rights and protect your property:

1. Drafting your Lease

A Lease is your Landlord rulebook that a Tenant must follow. It is a document that outlines important Landlord rights that may need to be enforced later in a courtroom. Rights that may, or may not, protect your real estate investment. When renting your property, the only shields protecting your real estate investment are your Lease and Ohio’s Landlord-Tenant Act. Attorneys will carefully examine your unique situation, tailor your Lease to your specific needs, and draft your Lease while thinking towards the future.

2. Fulfilling Your Statutory Obligations as a Landlord

Attorneys will ensure that you are properly abiding by the Landlord obligations mandated by Ohio’s Landlord-Tenant Act. Questions may arise and our attorneys will be there to help protect you against a tenant lawsuit.

3. Enforcing your Lease and your Rights

The well-known Lease enforcement procedure is the eviction. Much less understood is the complex process required to complete the eviction and the pitfalls that emerge along the way. Attorneys will be in your corner properly guiding you from start to finish.

Domestic Relations

The Paul Miller Law Firm, LLC, offers a unique blend of experience to help guide you through challenging and emotional times. Many domestic attorneys can say they’ve represented clients in a divorce, a fewer group can speak and relate from personal family experience. Attorney Lee M. Grosscup’s Mother and Father divorced when he was very young. He experienced his mother and father’s fight in court across state lines to provide him a better life. This experience motivated Attorney Grosscup to excel in law school and in the courtroom to fight for others the same way his parents fought for him.

Attorney Grosscup combines his personal and professional experience to counsel and advocate for Husbands, Wives, Mothers, Fathers, and Grandparents. Before a marriage ends, after a marriage ends, or situations where no marriage existed, a wide range of legal matters can arise that retaining Attorney Grosscup will be advantageous. Examples include:

  1. Domestic/Family Law – divorce, dissolution, custody, visitation, post-decree matters, and protection orders
  2. Estate Planning – revising old wills, trusts, powers of attorney, deeds, titles, or other important documents
  3. Criminal law – defending alleged domestic violence, assault, telecommunications harassment, and related charges

Attorney Lee M. Grosscup looks forward to being of service to you, diligently representing your interests, and bringing you peace of mind at each step of your unique situation.

Criminal Defense

Misdemeanors such as Operating a Vehicle Impaired (“OVI”), Domestic Violence, and Underage Consumption, or even a speeding ticket can have serious ramifications on your life.

At the Paul Miller Law Firm, LLC, Attorney Lee M. Grosscup will guide you through each step of the defense process: arraignment, pre-trial, discovery, suppression hearing (if needed), second pre-trial, and jury trial/trial to the court (if needed).

What separates Attorney Grosscup from other attorneys is his willingness and ability to try your case to a jury if necessary. Attorney Grosscup tried five jury trials and over 50 trials to the court at the Canton City Prosecutor’s Office before even finishing law school. From his professional experience prosecuting misdemeanors, he understands:

  1. The impact a misdemeanor can have,
  2. How to protect your rights against the government,
  3. When the prosecutor’s offer is unreasonable, and
  4. How to fight for a jury acquittal to protect your innocence.

OVI/DUI: One does not realize the importance and necessity of your driver’s license until it is taken away at the side of the road.

An Operating a Vehicle Impaired (OVI) charge can bring your world to a standstill. OVI law in Ohio is complex and daunting.

Attorney Grosscup will work tirelessly with you to get you out of court under the best circumstances and back on the road.

Domestic Violence: One of the most serious misdemeanor charges one can face. Domestic Violence is an escalating offense that could lead to a felony. A misdemeanor conviction can affect your children, your career, and your rights. In Ohio, a false allegation of “he said/she said” can turn your world upside down. Attorney Grosscup will work to protect your rights in the most trying of times.

CDL and Traffic Defense: Attorney Grosscup handled over 100 traffic related offenses. Many of those cases involving Commercial Driver’s License Offenses that severely impact professional drivers.

These traffic cases include, but are not limited to, Gross Overload Permanent Scales, Gross Overload Portable Scales, Reckless Operation, Driving Under Suspension, Assured Clear Distance, Failure to Yield, Failure to Control Vehicle, Improper Starting and Backing, Speeding, Duties Approaching Stationary Public Safety Vehicles, Failed to Drive in Marked Lanes, Following Too Close, and No Seat Belt.

Important Note to CDL Drivers: Even if you are driving on company time, in Ohio, a criminal moving or non-moving violation holds ONLY the driver responsible…NOT the company. Drivers should always speak to a lawyer to protect your livelihood’s most important resume – your driving record.