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Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Estate Planning – a two meeting confidential / personalized process.

We have helped thousands of individuals and families properly plan their estate matters for their unique situation. Attorney Miller has had the honor of being a guest lecturer for the Akron Bar Association wherein he has shared with other Attorneys his perspective and approach to estate planning that he has developed over 23 years.

The Initial Meeting:

In our first meeting (approximately an hour) we will explain our approach and get information relevant to your family / business and personal situation.

We will educate you and take the “mystery out” of Estate Planning. You will come away with a working knowledge that will make you a better planner. We will agree on what documents are essential for your situation.

2nd Meeting:

You will receive your draft documents from us in advance (pdf or hard copy). We will review all items together digitally via projection. The purpose of documents and how they are needed at key times in your life will be reviewed and explained. We will change items as needed prior to signing. Documents will be executed with proper formality.

The Deliverable – THE BLACK BINDER – and Peace of Mind:

Upon completion of our process, you will receive a Paul Miller Law Firm Black Binder that contains your entire estate plan.

The binder will include your original documents, additional copies, a thumb drive with digital copies, and extra tabs to use for adding other information.

The binder will become a “go to” source for storing your additional important documents and information for your loved ones. We provide you – Peace of Mind.


Maybe you already have a plan in place, but you have a nagging feeling it is not up to snuff; or you have things you would like changed; or you simply “want someone to explain this.”

Give us a call, we would be glad to sit with you and review your current documents.

Basic estate planning documents that everyone should have and that we provide:

  1. Will – With a Will, you have the power to choose your plan, not the government’s plan. Without a Will, your estate will pass according to Ohio’s law of statute of descent and distribution.
  2. Health Care Power of Attorney – This document names an agent/surrogate to speak for you if you cannot. The agent may make decisions for your personal care if you are unable to make them for yourself.
  3. Financial Power of Attorney – Allows the named person to handle your financial affairs. Powerful document! It is useful when (1) spouse or a loved one is traveling or unavailable to deal with household financial matters and (2) in the context of aging loved ones, Financial Power of Attorney can avoid the possibility of a court supervised guardianship.
  4.  Living Will – A form document that addresses life sustaining treatment if you are in a terminal condition
  5. HIPAA Release – An important document that will open a dialogue between loved ones and medical providers. Allows the named person to call medical providers or insurance companies on your behalf, ask questions and receive information pertaining to medical records, etc. Most helpful in the context of the adult child caring for the aging parent or with domestic partners

Trusts are beneficial for numerous situations. These include:

  1. for privacy and efficiency of administration,
  2. to avoid probate,
  3. to avoid net worth and estate taxes,
  4. if you own rental real estate,
  5. if you have ownership in a closely held businesses,
  6. for out of state assets,
  7. to make special plans,
  8. and if you have minor children.

A completed Trust Package includes:

  1. Basic Pour-Over Will
  2. Health Care Power of Attorney
  3. Financial Power of Attorney
  4. Living Will
  5. HIPAA Release
  6. Bill of Sale Transferring Tangible Goods to Trust
  7. Real Estate Deeds Transferred into Trust
  8. Titling Instruction with Attorney Follow-up
  9. Attention to Closely Held Business Entities (LLC, LLP, S and C Corp, and Partnerships)
Associated Files


The Paul Miller Law Firm, LLC, has worked with hundreds of families in fulfilling the last wishes of loved ones. The Firm also assists heirs in administering an Estate that does not have a Will. Attorneys will work with Executors, Administrators, and/or Trustees to:

  1. Open a probate case,
  2. Obtain Executor or Administrator authority,
  3. Collect and organize all the probate assets and non-probate assets,
  4. Distribute the assets in accordance with the loved one’s Last Will and Testament or pursuant to statute without a Will,
  5. Give proper notice all along the way, and
  6. Close the probate case.

The firm also works with prospective beneficiaries in counseling on their rights to an Estate.

The firm Attorneys will help contest an invalid Will or challenge a Will that is not administered correctly. Thousands of dollars in assets and real estate could incorrectly pass against the final intentions of the loved one. Legal help and action may prevent that injustice from occurring.

Business Associations

You have many choices:

  • when structuring your new business
  • when changing structure for business or tax reasons
  • when planning for the risks of life

The options are many – Sole proprietorship, S Corporations, C Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, etc.

When dealing with your business / it is personal.   Our firm will help you structure your business matters for success in the most advantageous way to achieve your goals.   We advise on how the structure should dovetail with your estate planning.

We provide crucial legal counsel – beyond the forms.   We enjoy working with your CPA (yes, Attorney Miller was one in his prior life) and financial advisors as part of a team.

BUSINESS LIFE STAGES:  Attorney Miller can provide you first-hand personal knowledge of what it is like to be a sole proprietor, an S-Corporation shareholder, a member of an LLC, a franchisee, a developer, and an employer – these actual experiences help him guide you as your business goes from dream, to business, to sale, or successful transition to a next generation.