Lee M. Grosscup

Attorney, JD

Lee M. Grosscup is a Husband, Dad of two boys, and Attorney. Attorney Grosscup is a Member of the Miller & Grosscup Law Firm, LLC. He earned equity owner at 26 years old.

Attorney Grosscup devotes his areas of practice to Domestic Relations/Family Law and Probate Litigation.

Domestic Relations/Family Law

Attorney Grosscup specializes in advocating for clients in the Domestic Relations Court, Juvenile Court, and Probate Court and handling all family-related matters in each court. The matters include Divorce, Dissolution, Spousal Support, Shared Parenting Plans, Parenting Time, Child Support, Extended-Family Visitation, Custody for Unmarried Parents, Civil Protection Orders, Abuse, Neglect, and Dependency Cases, Guardianships, Post-decree Enforcement & Modification, and Prenuptial Agreements.

Attorney Grosscup further specializes in challenging and defending lower court decisions at the Court of Appeals and at the Ohio Supreme Court. Attorney Grosscup is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court. Attorney Grosscup has the capability to protect a parent’s Fundamental Constitutional Right to parent his/her child at the highest court in the United States. Attorney Grosscup is admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court – Northern District of Ohio to advocate for a client in both state and federal court regarding domestic relations matters that involve federal law (e.g. bankruptcy).

Notable Domestic Relations/Family Law cases:

  • In re Guardianships of K.G & K.G, Summit County Probate Court Nos. 2015 GM 44 & 45 (Aug. 20, 2019) – Successfully restored the parental rights of a mother to her children and terminated what was proven to be temporary guardianships.
  • In re R.G., 9th Dist. Wayne No. 20AP0012, 2021-Ohio-93 – Successfully vacated a Grandparent Visitation Order issued by the Wayne County Juvenile Court for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.
  • D. v. N., 9th Dist. Summit No. 29761, 2020-Ohio-6858 – Successfully challenged an order issued by the trial court prior to trial that violated the parents’ fundamental Constitutional Right in the care, custody, and control of their children. Successfully advocated for the Constitutional Right for parents with adoptive children.
  • D. v. N., 167 Ohio St. 3d 561, 195 N.E.3d 126, 2022-Ohio-751 – Argued before the Ohio Supreme Court. Successfully maintained the critical holding in the Ninth District Court of Appeals. Subsequently dismissed the case in the trial court with a Judgment on the Pleadings to the benefit of the parents.

Probate Litigation

The Miller & Grosscup Law Firm’s long recognized Estate Planning and Probate & Trust Administration practice of Attorney Paul L. Miller has led to Attorney Grosscup to develop a niche expertise in Probate Litigation. Attorney Grosscup specializes in advocating for clients throughout Ohio in Probate Courts to initiate and defend Last Will & Testament Contests, Trust Contests, Transfer on Death Contests, Elder Financial Abuse, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Breach of Trust, Contested Guardianships, Determination of Heirship, and other related actions.

Attorney Grosscup advocates on behalf of the Executor, Trustee, Beneficiary, Power of Attorney, Guardian, Ward, Surviving Spouse, and other Next-of-Kin in the trial court and on appeal.

Notable Probate Litigation cases:

  • G. v. H., 7th Dist. Belmont No. 21 BE 0033, 2022-Ohio-1121 – Successfully defended and affirmed the trial court’s order that upheld the transfer of a significant asset to a beneficiary. Successfully advanced the argument on appeal that judicial estoppel prevented a trust.
  • G. v. H., 190 N.E.3d 646, 2022-Ohio-2446 (July 19, 2022) – Successfully defended an appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court. The Ohio Supreme Court declined to accept the appeal after briefing the issues.
  • G.G. & W.G. v. J.S., Summit County Probate Court No. 2020 CV 51 (Sep. 3, 2020) – Successfully defended a Will Contest on behalf of an Executor and Beneficiary.
  • P.H. v. R.H., Summit County Probate Court No. 2019 CV 140 (Feb. 2, 2020) – Successfully prosecuted a Will Contest on behalf a Next-of-Kin.
  • D.C. v. M.O., Summit County Probate Court No. 2019 CV 0087 (July 14, 2020) – Successfully defended a Will Contest on behalf an Executor and Beneficiary.

Attorney Grosscup previously worked as a Certified Legal Intern at the Canton City Prosecutor’s Office. While there, Attorney Grosscup prepared and tried five jury trials and over forty trials to the court before finishing law school.

At the University of Akron School of Law, Attorney Grosscup was the Trial Team President and the American Association for Justice Mock Trial Sixth Circuit Regional Champion and National Quarterfinalist. Attorney Grosscup earned the Trial Advocacy I CALI Award – Top of Class.

At the University of Mount Union, Attorney Grosscup was the Varsity Baseball Team’s 4-year-starting Shortstop and Captain. Attorney Grosscup is an Ohio Athletic Conference Champion and the Clyde Lamb Award winner for the top male student-athlete.